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Be brave but bid low

Are you brave enough to save this 924 Turbo?

The pictures included are not great, nor is the description. But I think there are a bunch of extra parts included. It appears the car is somewhat intact. But the extra block and manifold pictures are confusing. Jump to Ebay now.

A picture of the title is included and car is located in NJ. Seller does state it will be readily available to pick up and haul away. Hopefully he will have it pushed out from whatever corner it’s in. I hope these are recent pictures of the exterior and not what it looked like 20 years ago. That first picture is a picture of a picture, my favorite.

Yeah, it’s scary, but keep looking. Blurry interior shot from the windshield perspective. No windshield included. Brown Pasha is spotted.

Extra Block?

Assorted pictures and parts below. Save this 924!

Ebay Link.

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